Denice Eason, President

MWBE Consultants

MWBE Consulting aka BARE Business Basics, LLC, is dedicated to streamlining the process for land and property developers by connecting them with KCMO certified Minority and Female-owned businesses for their projects. Our commitment to efficiency and inclusion sets us apart as a valuable resource in the industry. Our journey is marked by successful collaborations and a commitment to excellence.

Mission and Values: Founded with a vision to enhance inclusivity in the government construction sector, BARE Business Basics has been a key player in facilitating meaningful connections between developers and certified businesses, fostering diversity and inclusivity in every project. Our values center around resourcefulness, efficiency, and the promotion of minority and female entrepreneurship.

Services: We specialize in assisting those property groups in identifying and engaging with certified local businesses for construction and tax incentivized projects. Our extensive network and commitment to diversity make us a reliable partner in project development. We provide confidence to our clients that the Good Faith Efforts are achieved regarding MWBE Construction and Professional Services goal attainment.