Denice Eason, President

MWBE Consulting

"BARE Business Basics played a pivotal role in the success of the

KCI Airport project. They successfully achieved our extensive compliance

goals and connected us with great certified businesses."

Owner Denice Eason is a compliance expert who brings 15 years of experience to the table. Her background as a compliance officer in the KC Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Department (CREO) has equipped her with an in-depth understanding of compliance standards, the ability to streamline the process and ensure every project adheres to the highest ethical and legal standards.

"Our values center around resourcefulness, a commitment to efficiency,

and the promotion of minority and female entrepreneurship." - Denice Eason

MWBE Consulting's mission is to foster diversity and inclusivity in every project. Their journey is marked by successful collaborations and a commitment to excellence. Having demonstrated unparalleled expertise in compliance and connecting developers with top tier certified businesses - the confidence they provide to clients that their Good Faith Efforts and Goals will be achieved sets them apart as a valuable resource in the industry.


Founded with a vision to enhance inclusivity in the development sector, MWBE Consulting (formerly BARE Business Basics,) is a trailblazing organization that specializes in facilitating meaningful connections between developers with certified Minority and Female-owned businesses. With a proven track record of success, they were honored to oversee the largest diversity compliance contract in KCMO history—the KCI Airport.